Welcome to Angel Tech!


This website is designed as a gallery for some of my creations.
I create things, wether replica or original designs, mainly as a hobby.

-Some of my creations are based on movie/manga/anime/game/etc because I really like them.

-Some are totally original designs created by me, and can be anything from model/miniature parts, to object that could be considered art, to practical objects.

Although the main purpose of this site isn't to be a storefront, I do sell things from time to time, and sometimes make things based on people's requests.


My main tools are 3D modeling and 3D printing, and photo/drawing applications, but I do make use of more "physical" tools sometimes, such as molding and casting for example, as I do love to make models (mainly architecture models, but not only, I do a bit of everything).


Feel free to browse around my website, and to send me an email with any comment you may have.


I don't know if I'll ever finish this website as FreewayPro is way too complicated (and it's was the simplest of all the site creator I checked back when I did it), and since I haven't touched the program in over 2 years due to studies and now working on my Bachelor, I've even forgot how I did most of this site anyway.

For more up-to-date infos, you'll want to check my Shapeways shop:


And maybe also the Facebook Page I've created (easier to keep up-to-date for the time being :P):



I'd still like to finish this website someday, but my thing is 3D modelling, not website building -_-'


I'll just have to wait until I find a program that's as easy as iWeb was I guess :P

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